We provide highly skilled candidates for both long term hires and last-minute requirements. We’re flexible, too, so whether you need someone temporary, permanent or on an interim basis we’ll bring you together with the right person at the right time.

In terms of roles, our candidates cover PA/Administration, Corporate Communications, HR, Finance, Legal & Compliance, Events, Marketing, and Multilingual positions. And, thanks to our rigorous testing procedures, each one is personally verified and guaranteed by us with a rebate period in place.

So, whether yours is a large organisation with a regular turnover of staff or a start-up looking for that crucial first employee, our services are designed to provide you with a highly accomplished candidate who will become your company’s most valuable resource.

Talent Acquisition Services

If your business isn’t able to support full-time recruitment staff, our team of expert recruiters and consultants can work with your team to manage and design each stage of your recruitment process.

Here are some options:

Pre-recruitment planning and strategy:

We’ll identify where skills are needed throughout your organisation, and create job descriptions accordingly.

Selection and attraction:

We’ll source candidates (even identify 3rd party suppliers) and then design and oversee the interview process.

Post-hire phase:

We manage contract negotiation, credit checks, referencing, inductions and performance management.

Clients can choose each of these stages individually or the package in its entirety. You benefit from a cost-effective, tailored recruitment strategy.


Specialised Training

Skills are key in advancing any business, and that’s especially true in recruitment and HR.

The training provided by Delisle-Barrow Recruitment is aimed at internal recruiters and focuses on developing an interview strategy which is tailored to the organisation’s long term aims. It takes everything into account from employer branding to behavioural science within interview techniques. In addition, we support recruiters to understand the motivations of the candidates they hope to attract based on demographics and social recruitment trends.

We were recently commended for our specialised training, receiving the Finest in HR and Training 2016 award.

The aim of our business is to further develop networks with industry thought leaders and influencers to create programmes that streamline our clients’ attraction and selection processes. Our aim is to work with organisations such as CIPD, APSCo, IOR ARC and REC, in order to develop programmes that can be used as an industry standard. We are also interested in working with trainers to develop programmes based on Belbin techniques and therefore creating a wider range of training.


Hosted by Delisle-Barrow founder Natasha Delisle-Barrow and presented by expert lawyers and HR professionals, our training courses look at all the issues facing HR; from employment law updates to interview and recruitment guidance.

Taking the form of training groups, workshops and roundtable discussions, our courses are suited to businesses with a focus on growth, or those without in-house HR or legal departments.

The benefits are obvious: Delisle-Barrow’s courses are an effective way of making sure your organisation’s recruitment and hiring is legally compliant. With subjects like AWR, holiday pay ruling, auto-enrolment and employer branding all looked at, you’ll be completely covered.


For companies looking for insight into the HR/recruitment sector we produce annual trend reports and salary surveys, as well as bespoke benchmarking reports specifically tailored to clients’ requests.

These product updates are a vital tool in helping businesses develop their processes in an ever-changing environment.

“Within extremely short time scales Natasha has delivered high calibre candidates and successfully filled the more tricky roles.  I have turned to Delisle-Barrow recruitment for bespoke benchmarking and recruitment needs several times over the years.”

Nicole, HR Manager, Private Equity


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