The CIPD recently published a report, which includes tips for a better recruitment practice.

The report finds that often recruiters are recruiting for either the company or the role. Despite the loudest declarations to the contrary, the company and job role are often in discord.

During the interview process, hirers will often focus on the job role – its performance measures and the department in which the candidate is to join. This in itself leads to a short term focus meaning that the role is re-recruited every two to three years, or even more often.

The recruitment cycle then looks something like this…

  • The job description is brought out of the archives
  • Competency (maybe even behavioural) based interview questions are re-assessed
  • The person that was hired before, is hired again. The job ceiling effect is reached and;
  • The process which was carried out before, is carried out again.
  • This is an extremely costly and timely practice on a never ending loop.

How to change your approach

To break out of this cycle, it’s important to change how you go about the candidate attraction stage of recruiting. The following, from the CIPD report, is a good outlook to follow when I’m looking for new candidates:

Take a fresh look at person-organisation fit, considering both current and aspirational culture”

Thinking like this stops organisations recruiting a certain type of person again and again within a candidate-short market. Not only does this encourage diversity, meaning that a wider pool of candidates will apply to the company, but it also means that you can create a stronger employer brand – one in which applicants can identify and understand how they can become integral.

It will also help:

  • Create a strong message, linked to company aspirations
  • Discourage the job ceiling effect in which candidates feel there is no progression available and leave
  • Reduce long-term hiring costs whilst creating an evolving culture.

Interested in seeing how you can change the way you approach recruitment? Natasha Delisle-Barrow is an award-winning recruitment consultant who trains and develops internal recruitment and HR teams on their candidate attraction and interviewing techniques. To find out more, call 020 7596 2800 or email