Whether you’re after a last-minute holiday cover or permanent staff, Delisle-Barrow will ensure you get the candidate that perfectly fits your needs.

But we’re not just recruiters: we’ll also act as your ambassadors, branding the role and your business for maximum candidate engagement. It’s a ground-breaking approach to recruitment.

We’re experts in Business and Office support roles, meaning we continuously develop our knowledge on the latest developments in our specialist sectors and use our insight to advise you in your recruitment process.

Our record speaks for itself. We have a robust rebate policy in place but our face to face competency and strength based interviewing as well as rigorous testing means that more than 90% of our candidates develop to become integral team members in our clients’ organisations.

If we sound like the right ambassadors for your organisation, please call or email us:

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“I first started working with Natasha at Delisle-Barrow Recruitment about five years ago. As the Office Manager I was responsible for recruitment of support staff. We orignally had a few recruiter companies we would use for an open position but I quickly realised that Natasha simply understood exactly what type of person I was looking for in each role – she listened to what our specific needs were – and Delisle-Barrow became our only recruiter.

Our company had different departments, and varying personalities, and after a few months of working together, it would only take a quick email with job spec and personality traits and everybody who interviewed was the right fit, and every temp we used had the right job skills and experience. Natasha saved me a lot of time from sifting through CVs!

I have loved working with Natasha so much, I took her with me (so to speak) to my next employer.”

Anne Cochrane, Group Office Manager